Monday, March 12, 2012

Personal Narrative

The Man You Stupid Chronicles will finish up later this week. Heres my testimony for some who haven't heard it.

Baptism is a powerful word. Up until a week ago I really couldn’t spell it properly. The meaning behind my terrible interpretation of this word was quite significant! Growing up I never got a chance to get baptized or really discover Jesus and his teachings. Michael Jordan retired so we moved to Missouri was how I saw it, even though it was for my Father’s career. I moved to Liberty Missouri at age 12 with all 150 Pok√©mon caught and had no idea what was in store for the rest of my life. My parents took us to Church growing up but I never really blended into the Youth Group Circuit. I had a great group of Peers from Liberty and we all kept each other out of trouble which was good and with my parent’s authoritative backing I made good decisions even though Christ was still not my center. I got more exposed to Christ and Church a little bit my senior year by going to F.C.A. All I got out of that though was some free bagels and tall blonde women’s Numbers.
It was in a Philosophy Class at Maple woods where my first thoughts formulated upon my rebirthing of the soul and development of my spiritual Identity started to assimilate. A professor said “Matthew your ancestors use to Be Mud and then Millions of Years later they became Fish”. I replied with “Well 3 days ago I guess I killed my uncle with a Hook through the Eye”. Sadly this triggering event is what led me to Bible Study. I knew there was a deeper meaning to the universe. A great metamorphism began to occur to me as I seeked God for the first time. As my maturation occurred so did my belief in God’s word. After my time came to an end at Maple Woods I decided to go to Maryville Missouri for collegiate development. It was an archaic city with scan dally clad women and God was setting a pick for me to roll Home. I got the memo. I went to one Church up there and a pastor told me to burn all my Secular Cds!!!I went back to my dorm room and looked at my Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits and said Cant do It!!!Till this day I still question the validity of a Bearcat!
I returned to Kansas City and transferred to Park. A sigh of relief hit my soul when I stepped foot on the Campus. With several hIlls and T mobile lacking everywhere I went I found very unique batch of people. Everywhere I went had pleasant conversation. Me and my flexed friend Tim stumbled upon a man named Ben Zibers. He invited us to play Frisbee on a Thursday. We decided to go and it was awesome. There were a bunch of people my age running around. I hadnt really seen this behavior before and I was excited to play. I went to the campus ministry known as revive over the following month and it was a great feeling. I still didn’t really know anyone. I had the opportunity to goto Missouri Fall Getaway which was a college Christian Weekend thing. There The Park folk and I meshed well because they were impressed with my ability to drink apple cider. As a year and a half went by I made the best friends I had ever met in my whole life. There uniqueness and quest to follow God motivated me quite well. With several free meals and classes together God had put amazing people in my life. I finally felt accepted and the Holy Spirit moved through us unlike my days when I use to hang out at Hardy’s in Gladstone. Life has been amazing each day. I stumbled upon restore last semester and really liked it. With an awful Retail schedule selling Reba Mcantire Sheets, I had to miss several weeks. I found a new job and was allowed to go again to the Church I was starting to want to stay at!!  I was on Board for restore when my tall blonde British friend Emma wanted to attend Restore.  When I saw my friend Derrieck Forbis get baptized about a month ago from a Pastor who liked the Chicago Bulls and sang Foreigner on stage, I knew it was time for me to take the plunge even though I swim like a River Otter that got hit by an F150.   I’ve been quite blessed this year and I hope this Baptism cleanses my soul.  Its time to allow God to be my center and seek His name everyday, for the rest of my life upon this Surface.