Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Proud Woods of Maple

Tonight I got three double cheeseburgers like I always get at Burger King and went and ate at Maple Woods. Most Northland kids who went there always insulted Maple Woods by calling it Maple Weeds, As I walked around there were no weeds. They have a great grounds crew. The only bad memory I have there was when I was walking and a herd of big women who were smoking took up the entire sidewalk and knocked me out of the way as I was walking my freshman year. This place is why I am the way I am today. Liberty High tried to make me love Math and Science and called me dumb if I didn't do well on a test.Logarithms will always be things that float in a toilet to me. The only Chemistry I will ever need to know is that Thundershock will never work on a Geodude.  Maple Woods instructors taught me everything important for adulthood except how to spell. I never learned that. For the Perfectionists who are internally correcting my writing feel free to go sit on a cactus for all I care. I finally was reached by teachers who probably smoked more pot than they should have, but there curriculum's ignited my soul. They inspired me to be myself wherever I go and that has always worked for me.  If I were to give up my creative ways to get a higher ACT score 7 years ago there wouldn't be 650 people coming to my wedding.  I'm not planning to get married anytime soon, but I got a lot of cool ass friends Ive made throughout my travels.  Six years ago today at Maple Woods I would be in Summer school taking six shits a day listening to Bruce Springsteen on my way to class.  I still do those things today. I will probably not be able to do them forever. I hope to not take six shits a day forever or otherwise toilet  paper cost will always lower my credit score.You can't buy this house because of the giant black hole in your ass... I hope to stay myself to the best of my abilities. Pokemon is not as cool as it once was. Very few kids I work with know what I'm talking about. M.J. is gradually fading as kids cheer for the traveling Lebron James. "Mes my favorite athlete" I'm sure is a quote hung in there lockers. NOT FOUR NOT FIVE NOT SIX was Lebron trying to count the number of head bands upon his head. Life is changing and my age is starting to show a little bit. I still don't want to change who I am.  My loyalty is to Maple Woods and I hope I can one day teach there.