Thursday, October 17, 2013

Deal with my Small Intestine.

Last night I couldn't sleep. I was wondering what was keeping me up? Oh yeah I ate 10 Pumpkin Doughnuts in three days.  It felt like a small bird was living in my stomach. My small intestine was making Woody Wood Pecker type noises.  Finally at 12:07 am I was able to goto the bathroom after 37 hours.  I actually shit out an entire pumpkin.  The stalk was the worst part. On a serious nature though, I felt so much relief.  My organs were clapping because that demon pumpkin dough feel was now gone.  After I took a pooh it felt like when Simba was born.  Elephants were playing trumpets and handing me rolls of toilet paper. I made a nonverbal internal deal with my small intestine yesterday to never eat a dozen doughnuts again!!!!If I hadn't gotten rid of those last two, I wouldn't be writing this. You have won this battle oh great pumpkin.  Charlie Brown never had shit problems like these...

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