Friday, January 27, 2012

Back Hair!

I feel laser hair removal should be covered by Insurance just like Dental and Vision. There should be some fixed ratio for body hair like perfect vision. " Oh yeah his body hair his 30/30 Doc its Superb"  Its hard being a male and looking like there's a puppet show going on slightly above our nipples."Hey is that a Fozzy Bear backpack?No its my awful genetics from my dad's side" If Women are so concerned about Image why can't men be? Were tired of looking like fools to.Sephora doesn't cover up body hair!  All these big foot sitings are just a bunk of Hairy ass dudes going out for a Sandwich. There not aloud a Jared subway diet in peace because they look like a young Burt Reynolds.  I would pay a twenty dollar co-pay so people wouldn't film me in an urban area and assume I'm big foot. I would rather look like an adolescent sea lion instead of a Yak no one wants to purchase. 

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