Saturday, June 9, 2012

You mean im still thirsty after Thursday?

Out into the great wide open,A rebel without a clue-Tom Petty.

Hello everyone!! I am back after three months of young adulthood using my external parts like a hacky sack. Taking two 400 level courses and working 6 am to 2 does not allow alot of time to talk about sex and young adulthood online. I was still able to work through all of the responsibility after it hit.  Now Im back. Life is good right now. I enjoy my current job because I work with more ground hogs than people. I have obscure tan lines and a wasp stung my butt and its still strange to sit even as I type this post... We as 18-25 year olds enter into a very important summer. The Summer of "oh god now I have to pay for bread".  I have seen more engagements this early summer than  I have seen in any other beginning of summer ever.Jarrod you dirty Bastard!!!!!.Lar ge friend groups are starting to break up at fast rates. Its interesting to see how everything willunfold.As peoples age grows some girls are deciding to wear more clothes and others are deciding to still vomit in the streets of P.N.L. at 4 am wearing nothing but two handkerchiefs and a price chopper bag as there bottoms. Its fun to go out, but just be safe out there girls. Theirs are a lot of horny dudes lurking in the shadows and there all assassins, because they can make you "Tap Out".Their shirt specifies there very important skill sets already. Another pattern you will see is all the girls who have fakes who drink themselves crazy start to realize around 21 that their body can't handle such a lifestyle and they begin to cut back. Those are the best crews of girls to go out with. The experienced veteran girls who still enjoy life, but don't vomit on the floor of your Subaru(Yes that happened one time(thanks a lot Maryville Missouri)).So gentleman who do wear pants who aren't creepy look for those type of girls to party with or chill with. Another gathering of girls you will see at the club are the super horny 21-25 year old girls who waited to drink until the legal age and can't handle the maturation behind it. You can only watch Gilmore Girls so long until there is a freak out.These women seek marriage after six months of dating so they can go back to watching the Gilmore Girls. Damn you ABC FAMILY!!! BEWARE GENTS!!! A group or trend I have noticed in Kansas City is the 21-28 year old crew of married people or engaged folks. They travel in couples of 4- 6 an our usually former frat brothers that work at the same firm or company and bring their Boo's with them. I don't ride with that crowd much because I still haven't met the Mutant artistic Blonde Ive been dreaming of.  Until Next time Later Kansas City!!!

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