Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No Maintenance Men Don't have Leprosy

The other day I was walking to get a drink in one of the elementary schools I work at, and a little boy asked me "Hey who are you?" I wanted to respond I am a loud fool, who is poor at math, who can't drive at Night nor swim in the deep end.  I simple responded I work outside. Little did that child know that the ones who read him Cat In The Hat also portray me as a Leper. Yeah the Bicycle Apartments are a Leper colony and I am in charge of the mutant Olympics. Me and my team of Hunchbacks are looking really good at Volleyball this year. I wanted to respond I keep geese from fornicating, and clean up the rubbish of the local section 8 indigenous tribes of Riverside. Shot Gun Shells are Burger King ketchup have never stopped me before.It was interesting when this boy questioned my identity. I know my strengths very clearly ,but have yet to utilize them. I have obtained my 30,000 piece of paper from Park University that states I can read and know how to apply honey mustard to various dead animals, but why haven't I found a career job? My indolent ways and calling people DINKUS have made me loose my social Perspective. I still want to be a Clinical Psychologist. I don't want to shovel Geese poop in 50 cent Royals floppy hats the rest of my life. This fall is my time to shine. I have been slown down by an A.C.L. tear and getting a  D- in a stats class because I was to drunk in Vegas to do my homework!!! I didn't know Baileys was so good. Alcoholic coffee?? You mean I keep getting drunk and staying up? My mind must have had Tmobile that night because there were a alot of dropped calls. My bladder was probably calling at 2 am. WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE?I am going for my Masters.  When teachers look at me and Go green eggs and ham? I will simple say I don't give a Damn!!I can read cat in the Hat too and I am planning on teaching classes on Alexander the Great, and how to develop the strengths of your personality. I don't want kids walking in my classes wearing tap out shirts questioning why there isn't a cat in my hat. I HAVE A PINHEAD!!! If there is some form a dwarf cat I am not yet aware of no cat is fitting in my hat.

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