Saturday, January 5, 2013


A fine Automobile took its last ride from Shawnee Mission/RoeLand Park area to liberty on December 26. Upon Its journey home it began to overheat and shake coming home during rush hour. The next day it made it to be traded in.. 1,500 is what the old  SPORT UTILITY WAGON got. Take that Jeff Paul. It was still sporty. 142,000 miles the car had went. It had took the lives of many woodland creatures with it through out its Journey, I hit well over 10 raccoons, an entire gaggle of Geese crossing a Major Highway.Two of the four deer who ran out in front of me on the worst date of my life. Thanks alot sweat hands.  I hit a night pigeon or something on Highway B in Kearney in 2006 that saved my virginity from a tall abnormal trophy wench of the North. Her delicate touch fell short to the Soulful night swallow who's intestine bled my windshield up more than that awful wood chipper seen in Fargo. That can kill an erection faster than anything you have ever imagined, Even for a horny 17 year old boy who knows nothing better than Pokeman and Ben Gordons Fg%. Im Sorry Subaru about hitting the four mail boxes, I hit in our time together. Its hard to learn to Park when your Dad's smoking a Cigar and talking about Chicago in the 1980s.  You never held another drink after that Lummox of a Women broke your cup holder in the back. You saved Joel and Adam Roth that day little cup holder, they just never knew it. I'm sorry that fat Indian Boy next store  who ripped your carpet because he drags his horse feet around with him when he walks. Silent on his feet he is not.because hes not even remotly Indian in any form. 142000 miles,36 Women,24 jobs,7 years of stanky ass chain gang members(Dan Read and Tim had awful  pungent youthful scents) Stanky Ass and lack of soap + Axe body spray is much more of a foul sent than the Tigers Den at the Kansas City zoo.An equation no math teacher would like to solve. We salute you old Friend!!!!  Sorry for the Mustard stain. I had weird thumbs and the central nervous system of a lost cold goat because both my parents smoked when I was watching Jurassic Park for 5 years in a basement. Your Replacement is a good man. His name is Jimmy Butler  because hes my new favorite Chciago Bull.  a Chevy Sonic 2012 is the new guard in town. He is a Sonic even though he is the color of Knuckles.. Sorry Sega fans...

Tonight, tonight the strip's just right
I wanna blow 'em off in my first heat
Summer's here and the time is right
For racin' in the street-Bruce Springsteen!!!!!!!!!

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