Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adults must wear hoods??

Healing opportunities can be disguised as people who really piss you off. Pay attention because they could be your greatest teachers-Gabrielle Bernstein

Recently I have been reading a book called MAY CAUSE MIRACLES. It has been an amazing read for me so far and I'm only five days in out of the 40 day guidebook within the book. I recommend this book for anyone in a transition in their life like I am. I recently graduated in May and had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I was shoveling Geese Shit at a local school hoping my Royals hat would cover up my shame, but since I have a pinhead the world saw my anguish. I was going to either join the Air Force or try to move to Colorado with my tall British friend who thinks I can barely read, but I met a girl. I met a girl at my friends coming home party. She was the most attractive girl I ever saw who was interested in talking to a boy with sweat stains under a 4 dollar old navy faded Bulls shirt. I ate about 13-19 chicken nuggets in front of this Vegetarian and had no idea. Besides talking about horny flat billed wearing college athletes from Park University on our first date it has worked out.  She has brought back the passion in my eyes. Its like the song JUKE BOX HERO. I got stars in my eyes again. I recently hit a little snag cause I don't like my current job but its time to take the G.R.E. I was going to try to keep this job while in Grad School but its to stressful. So a job that I enjoy where I don't have to get up at 5:45 in the morning and have the pooping patterns of a 76 year old would be nice for once.What the book may cause miracles has done for me has helped me see Love where I go instead of fear. I don't have fear at my current job, but its not what I want to do with my whole life.  I want to pursue my dreams but gradually and do it properly. I recently lived in a house where I couldn't sleep so I decided to move home for free.The house is an amazing house but its not my house. I want my own house. There were more pubes in the shower than the hours I slept in the house ..Having to play hackey sack with my MALE roommates luffas everyday was not a pleasure of mine since testicle germs on my feet freaked me out. When a combination of old tooth paste and hair mix in a sink and hot soap and water cant stop it you know its not good. I think that a creature formulated in the sink and destroyed downtown Parkville. The only way to stop the sink creature is to obtain the power of the THUNDER SNOW from Kansas City. KIDDING, but its easier to drive 17 extra minutes a day.The sink finally got fixed and helped with the creature. I want to try to have my own house and pube free bathroom by August or live in the City Market area with Jon MOON. Cant wait for summer Love,Volleyball and NBA Finals and Beef Jerky. KEEP YOUR DREAMS ALIVE KANSAS CITY!!! Its time to get things done.

STARTED TO SELL MY TOY COLLECTION. If anyone wants some cool shit for their offspring check EBay or with Alex Hall.

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