Thursday, October 23, 2014

My wife vsT-Mobile

My wife yelled into the phone like the coach of the Chicago Bulls.It was incredible. She tossed her challenge flag on our way to Ikea and defended my honor. I called T-Mobile and was driving, so she did some of the talking as well. While complaining about how much my phone sucks, we lost service with T-mobile support.When the service returned,We questioned the validity of the service.  IS there anything I can help you today? "Yeah you didn't here us for thirty seconds,that's what she were talking about. Than the T-Mobile lady told us we should try Craigslist and was telling us how to build our own phone. Than Amanda stepped in and said," THIS IS BULLSHIT(It was amazing) WE DONT KNOW HOW TO BUILD A PHONE. WE JUST WANT A PHONE THAT WORKS. WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO ORDER PARTS OF CRAIGSLIST AND BUILD OUR OWN PHONE" The T-mobile lady realized she wasn't dealing with a tired sweaty Italian man, who was driving on the Broadway bridge anymore.  She had awakening a Six foot tall post R.A. who has had to deal with short drunken rich guys from St Louis for the last three years. The T-Mobile lady was intimidated and didn't talk about craigslist after that. We even said" T-mobile has not contracts (Via Charles Barkley) but we cant get out of  a contract that we don't have?"The lady was speechless and said there is nothing I can do for you" They decided to send us a fourth phone that is not even able to download my bank app. This isn't some Philosophy class. Is the contract there if you leave the room??? So needless to say you cant get out of contract that isn't even there. My Amazing Spartan wife scared a bunch of people with tiny headsets and there Bull Shit  "Wheres Waldo?" contract system. Ill be switching service once this ghost contract that was signed by no one because it isn't real is lifted.

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