Friday, December 5, 2014

Hot Dogs Vs. the Midlife

You can buy a hot dog stand for 399.00 $ I have found what I am going to do when I retire.  I can run a hot dog stand with my vegetarian wife. We will be on T.L.C. in no time. I will throw phallic foods at St Louis cardinals fans for my entire adult life. I will just stay posted up outside of Wrigley Field ,heckling the masses  Amanda can run a tofu hut or something and we will defiantly get on T.V. Amanda has specified wanting six children. For the 3300 views I have on my bar graph, I have recently gotten married to an amazing woman if you didn't know.  I will no longer have to sell my body to science since I have found my one and only. KU med can keep their 20,000 for a testicle ,because I will need it for these six children. All the children can get hot dog stands or tofu huts and we can be outside ever sport event between Kansas City and Chicago. Also Lawrence for Amanda's beloved Jay hawks. In late adult life I have contemplated a thrift store.  I will have to sell all my bobble heads at some point if they are ever allowed in a house.  Most men who have midlife crisis grow ponytails and wear ass less chaps. America doesn't need my 50 year old sell farting up and down Americas highways with nasty neck pubes floating through the air. The birds even reject my hair for nests, why would I grown out a pony tail? I think hot dog stand or thrift store or a combination of the two is a safe choice for a midlife crisis? Unless a bunch of vegetarians get upset by the fact that most of the clothes we have to sell smell like Vienna beef. In all likelihood, my future business endeavors are hopefully trumped by me teaching life span development until I am in my eighties.I can always give away  all my credit cards to every pyramid scheme in the land if everything else falls apart.  I can always get mummified in It works wraps or have Amway run my funeral.  I want my body burned at Maple Woods with the hot dog stand, surrounded by Ewoks.Joakim Noah can be the M.C. I am very excited about my life ahead with Amanda and my career with higher education.Get my Masters in Educational Psychology and going back to get my Masters in Counseling will lead me down the roads ahead. I'm contemplating getting my Masters in Higher Education Administration as well. I'm very exited for this era of life.     The hot dog stand is down the road.

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